4 Client Experience Mistakes Insurance Agents Make (And How to Fix Them)

Published by Ray Huang, Head of Marketing on
Frustrated Client
Offering an exceptional client experience can set you apart as an insurance industry leader. Avoid these mistakes to grow a loyal client base.In today’s competitive market, policyholders have a wide range of insurance providers to choose from. Evolving technology and econ... Read More

Enhanced Branding Features in Canopy Connect

Published by Tolga Tezel, Founder & CEO on
Canopy Connect Link on a Mobile Phone
We're excited to share some new branding features within Canopy Connect that allow you to customize the visual aspects of your Canopy Connect links. We've added the ability to show your company logo on the introduction screen. Sim... Read More

New Security Option for API Users: IP Whitelisting for API calls

Published by Marc Little, Solutions Engineer on
Hi all!We're excited to announce a new security feature for those of you out there using our API: IP whitelisting. It enables you to whitelist IP addresses which are allowed to access the Canopy Connect API with your team's API keys. Once activated, only the whitelisted IP a... Read More

We’re SOC 2 Type 2 compliant! Here’s what that means for you

Published by Tolga Tezel, Founder & CEO on
Keeping our users’ data secure at all times is our highest priority.The infrastructure we’re building at Canopy Connect enables consumers to securely and quickly share their insurance data. We believe that comes with a lot of responsibility and that we need to be worthy of trust. </... Read More