Verify and Monitor Insurance Data, Instantly

Access verified insurance data via API. Go live fast with our SDKs.


Verification Solutions

Get access to fully structured personal and commercial P&C data via API

Insurance Marketplaces

Increase conversions, identify bundle opportunities, and increase lead value.
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Mortgage Lending

Close home loans faster with instant insurance verification built into your loan processing workflow.
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Embedded Insurance

Embed insurance intelligence into your applications to drive cross-selling opportunities.
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Monitoring Solutions

Decrease compliance costs with Canopy Connect Insurance Monitoring

Loan Servicing

Make sure your home and auto loans are properly insured now and in the future.
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Commercial and Residential Landlords

Automatically verify that your tenants are adequately covered.

Driver Compliance

Confirm that your employees and contract drivers are fully covered when using their own vehicles.
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Insurance Sync Made Easy

Say goodbye to forms with 25+ fields, each verifying nuances of policies that most consumers don’t have handy. Say hello to single-click data importing.

Returns all policies, premiums, limits, deductibles, vehicles, dwellings, insureds, claims and loss events as structured data

Flexible and easy-to-use insurance verification API, SDKs and administrative dashboard

Conflict-free: we aren’t an agency and we don’t re-sell consumer data

Canopy Connect API

Start Building Today

Collect, verify and monitor insurance data with our API and SDKs. Build & integrate insurance verification into your apps, workflows, and forms.

Sync verified insurance data directly into your app. Launch quickly with our SDKs and white label API

Sync insurance data securely with user consent. Access data via API and real-time updates via webhooks

Receive comprehensive data across all Property and Casualty insurance lines in seconds.

Trusted and Secure

Canopy Connect is building the infrastructure that powers best-in-class insurance experiences. Deliver delightful, intelligent and frictionless insurance services, trusted by leading insurance innovators.

Rigorous Security Standards

We are SOC 2 Type 2 Certified, following strict information security policies and procedures.

Compliance Monitoring

Our infrastructure is continuously monitored for security and compliance.

End-to-end Encryption

We keep your data encrypted every step of the way. We use 256-bit AES encryption at rest and TLS 1.3+ in transit.

A Conversation with Marble's CEO

headshot-stuart-w-marble sq.jpeg

“It was pretty remarkable that we almost 10X'd our volume in one month and we got through it—I won't say we didn't break a sweat, but it was a light perspiration. And what that means is the customers that went through Canopy Connect were getting those 10-second syncs, we were getting all rich data, all policy data, all coverage data—pulled in and placed correctly. It was just this really nice flow.”

Stuart Winchester - Founder and CEO at Marble

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