4 Insurance Revenue Streams that Fintechs Should Consider

Published by Ray Huang, Head of Marketing on
Table of four insurance revenue income streams
Everybody seems to have a side hustle these days—does your company have one? Whether you’re a fintech, a bank, a car dealer, or retailer, here are four different business models your company can implement to generate revenue from insurance. Companies across... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Insurance Sales Cycle

Published by Ray Huang, Head of Marketing on
The customer journey outlines a roadmap to success. Increase your conversions and learn how to master the insurance sales cycle. The insurance sales cycle is a combination of steps in the sales cycle. The first is the initial contact with a prospect, while ... Read More

4 Closing Techniques That Foster Win/Win Scenarios for Insurance Agents

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In the insurance world, you want more than a sale—you want a client for life. Learn how to master the right closing techniques for extraordinary results. Being a great insurance producer—with consistent, above-average numbers to back it up—comes down to one thing: b... Read More