EZLynx Integration

Streamline the quoting process by pre-filling EZLynx quotes with collected insurance data from Canopy Connect to improve accuracy, speed, and competitiveness, so agents can position quotes that are 5-times more likely to win.

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EZLynx and Canopy Connect

How It Works

Send your Canopy Connect link to your prospect to collect insurance data in seconds.

Once the prospect selects and signs into their carrier, you'll receive their insurance data into your Canopy Connect dashboard.

Review policy information in Canopy Connect and start an EZLynx quote with one click.

Start a new quote EZLynx with actual insurance data accurately pre-filled—not using outdated information from typical pre-fill solutions. No more double data entry required.

Create a competitive quote positioned to win.

EZLynx lets you generate quotes in real time from 330 carriers for auto, home, and more

A Streamlined Workflow

Start an EZLynx Quote Directly in Canopy Connect

How Canopy Connect + EZLynx Save Time and Drive Winning Quotes

Jeremy Powers shares his early experience using the new Canopy Connect integration with EZLynx comparative rater and show a full demonstration.
Thursday, December 15th

The Right Data, Right Now

Send your prospects a personalized Canopy Connect link via text or email. They can authorize and share their insurance data quickly and securely in seconds. You'll receive:

Policy Details

Premiums, limits, deductibles, dwellings, and vehicles.

Insurance Documents

Declaration pages, ID cards, endorsements, binders, VOI.

Contact Information

Email, phone, and address.

Driver Data

Names, license numbers, and DOBs.

Claims History

Up to seven years of history with the current carrier.

EZ Lynx Integration

Setup and Use the Integration

In order to set up this integration, you will need an Agency Plus or Agency Pro subscription with Canopy Connect, as well as an active EZLynx Consumer Quoting account. Here's how to set it up:

Integration Setup

  1. Using an Administrator account, click on your profile icon (top-right), then select integrations.
  2. Click the Add Integration button.
  3. Choose the EZLynx option.
  4. Enter your EZLynx Consumer Quoting form URL.
Once this is enabled, users will see an EZLynx module on each pull activity.

How to Use the EZLynx Integration

  1. From the activity dashboard, expand the data pull you'd like to use.
  2. Review the policy information.
  3. From the EZLynx module under Integrations, click the Submit to EZLynx button. A new window will open to start your quote.
  4. Select the policies you want to proceed with. Click Continue.
  5. Complete or modify any additional fields that are required as you progress through each each screen.
  6. Review your submission on the final page and click Continue
  7. In another browser or tab, go to EZLynx. Find the pre-filled quote submission, and proceed to generate realtime quotes as you normally would in EZLynx.

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Hear it from our customers

Jeremy Powers discusses his experience using Canopy Connect and the new integration with EZLynx. He talks about life before using Canopy Connect, how Canopy Connect helped him level up his insurance quote intake, and now with the new integration with EZLynx, he’s been able to get more buy-in from his producers and dramatically shorten the time it takes to generate a quote.


Great product. Easy to use. It cuts the time to get through my sales process down by at least 25% by not having to wait for dec pages from the client.

Seth Livingston - The Agency Insurance
corey kaster.jpeg

Canopy is MAGICAL! One of the biggest sticking points/delays I have with clients is having them email their prior insurance declarations pages. This eliminates that and clients love it!

Corey Kaster - Insurance Masters NW

Canopy Connect is the key to the future scalability of our agency. We are sending the Canopy Connect link to every client.

Shane Vander Giessen - Rice Insurance

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