NCM Insurance's First 45 Days

Adam Boca from NCM Insurance Agency at the National Corvette Museum talks about the immediate impact Canopy Connect has had on his team in just 45 days โ€” contributing to NCM's best month ever, closing more leads, and writing additional policies.

Rice Insurance Uses Automation

Rice Insurance streamlines their marketing process by adding Canopy Connect into their inbound automations.

You have everything at your fingertips. 75% of consumers have no idea what coverages they carry. They think they have โ€œfull coverageโ€ so this helps me build a wedge between their current policy and what I can offer...It makes the process of quoting insurance 100x easier.

Josh Miner - TWFG

Canopy has become a powerful tool in the growth of our agency, improving quote turnaround time and sales. It allows us to easily capture the needed information including the current premiums โ€“ giving you the insight you need to price strategically.

Stewart Farris - CRM / President
Farris Insurance Advisors

Canopy is MAGICAL! One of the biggest sticking points/delays I have with clients is having them email their prior insurance declarations pages. This eliminates that and clients love it! Turnaround goes from days/weeks to minutes/hours and keeps the process moving forward!

Corey Kaster - Insurance Masters NW